“Shadows Faces”, a participatory Storytelling project about Hanoi´s “Freelance Workers” working in the shadow economy.

Most of the Hanoian poor people do not get the chance of employment. Therefore they have to find there own buisiness. As it is part of the society, there is a lot of creativity in Hanoi to set up private buisinesses and to make at least some income. In this project, informal workers came together with vietnamese youth people interested in telling and sharing stories about the social situation in Vietnam. PariticipatoryStory ran workshops and trainings for interested participants to share the information about their success stories and their living conditions to inform decision makers about the quality and usefullness of this economy for the vietnamese society. Parts of this project have also been used for the exhibition “KlimaTisch” – Participatory Storytelling.

Mr. Tran Quyet Thanh, bottle collecturer living on a houseboat in the Red River is explaining his daily life and nighty work.


Mr. Duc Minh Hoang, Casual Worker and Fishermen living next to a sewage tunnel about his living condition and creativity to find casual jobs everyday.


Family Dong, Lotus flower farmers at the West Lake Hanoi, tells their story about poor income but beautifull living.


This project has been realized in Vietnam with kind contribution of