What is Participatory Storytelling?
Participatory Storytelling is a method to empower and to engage citizens by using audio-visual communication for a sustainable development. This buttom-up communication enables communities to raise their voice and to inform about their livelihood to achieve political influence on their own future development.

This method can be used for a variety of outcomes during the whole project cycle. Planning, monitoring and evaluating a project with the use of Participatory Storytelling is a quality benefit beside the quantitative data collection. Methods like SWOT analysis, transect surveys or cross-over storytelling techniques are modified to be used together with participatory audio-visual work.

We think, archiving sustainable projects within the international cooperation services requires a deep participative approach together with the target groups. This means, developing projects should start with the voices of beneficiaries and end with the project evaluation accompanied by a clear stakeholder comment that is easy to show and shareable with the public.

ParticipatoryStory engages communities and people worldwide to create multi-media stories and to empower marginal groups to participate in an active way to develop projects within the international cooperation services. We work in an experienced team with new training techniques and modern communication media to face a sustainable development. Our projects show great impacts and success among the international community. Based in Germany, we also work with youth people and refugees to motivate them to develop new skills and a critical and creative mind to create a sustainable future.

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